Race Rules


This list is not meant to be all encompassing. Situations come up at every event and the Race Director will make decisions accordingly.

    1. Runners must wear their official race number on the front of their person, where it must be visible at all times.
    2. All races must be completed before the designated race cutoff. Any runner being allowed to finish after that time is solely at the Race Director’s discretion.
    3. Knowing the course is the sole responsibility of the runner. Markings and ribbons are only there as a guide and are subject to vandalism. Elemental Running strives to mark each and every course clearly. Nevertheless, it is always suggested that you carry a map or use the provided Map My Run map with the phone app.
    4. No unregistered runners, walkers, or pacers.
    5. No dogs, strollers, baby joggers, skates, scooters, or bicycles.
    6. Runner safety is a top priority for our events. Please be mindful of the other participants and respect the race personnel to ensure a safe and enjoyable race for everyone.
    7. Any runner who stops for more than 60 minutes is subject to being pulled from the race by the Race Director.
    8. Each runner must complete the entire course under his or her own power in order to be eligible for a medal/buckle/award. Changes to a different distance are allowed provided they are communicated to an aid station and the Race Director upon completion of the race. Runners dropping to a lower distance after the start are not eligible for place awards.
    9. Each runner must carry all their own food, fluids, and other supplies needed for use between aid stations. Pacers, other runners, friends, or animals may not carry or “mule” anything for the participant.
    10. Runners may not accept aid from their support crew or any other source while on the course and in between aid stations and designated support locations, except in case of a medical emergency.
    11. Any entrant who is unable or does not desire to finish the race must continue to the nearest aid station. The runner must relinquish his or her race number to the aid station captain and state his or her decision to withdraw.
    12. Absolutely no littering. Please respect the natural beauty of our trails and the rights of everyone to enjoy them. Any littering or vandalism to the course is grounds for immediate disqualification.
    13. The Race Director’s word is final. There are no appeals, rebuttals, or refusals of the RD’s final decision.
    14. All races are subject to change due to any number of factors including, but not limited to, weather, law enforcement, permitting, and municipality rulings. No refunds will be given in any case.




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